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4 causes of premature “white hair”

4 causes of premature “white hair“ Anyone with a lot of white hair is often teas as being “old.” Some people have whiter hair than their peers since childhood. Some people even have hair on their arms. The nose hairs are still white. At the age of less

Saleh Erzkan has no plans to leave Dortmund.

Saleh Erzkan has reaffirmed his commitment to playing for Borussia Dortmund next season. Midfielder Saleh Erzkan has confirmed he has no plans to leave Borussia Dortmund this summer. Among the links with Werder Bremen. According to a report sports from ‘Kolner Stadt-Anzeiger’ on Sunday. Ozkan joined

Leipzig demand 20 million euros for Angelino.

Angelino joined Hoffenheim on loan last football season. But they did not use the option to sign permanently from RB Leipzig. German newspaper Bild reported on Sunday that. RB Leipzig confirmed they demanded a €20m compensation for Angelino leaving the club. Despite reports the player had

PSG interested in signing Hugo Lloris.

Paris Saint-Germain Reportedly interested in signing Spurs captain Hugo Lloris. The Ligue 1 giants announced the appointment of Luis Enrique Martinez as their new coach earlier this week. Which replaced Christophe Galtier who left the club. Hugo Lloris spent 11 years with Spurs becoming a senior member