Gundogan has sent a message to his team-mates over top scorer challenge

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Gundogan has sent a message to his team-mates over top scorer challenge. Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan has sent a message to his team-mates over the 2021-22 season’s top scorer challenge to help rock the throne from him. Don’t let the name of a striker or an offensive lineman lose.

Gundogan scored 17 goals in all competitions last season. More than anyone at the club has won the English Premier League Player of the Month award twice. He is making it one of the best seasons of a career.

However, the Deutsche star would like to see his comrades step up to challenge him for the title because all the benefits will fall to the team.

“ I guess most people expect it to happen again and that might be the hardest part. Because once you’ve shown what you can do must prove again that it can be reproduced ” An open mouth with the official website.

“ Personally, I don’t see us as attackers – just when the opportunity comes, try to do it well. both for myself and to help my teammates as much as I can. ” 

“The fact that we can feel where we are going and will win the door often. That’s because it’s due to hard training in finishing. And stay practicing until the last stage with the team. ” 

“ If the new season shoots no more than five, it won’t be withered. As much as we can’t defend the league title or play good football. ” 

“ But only if the team can do it again. I will be happy What we expect from ourselves is just to produce the best results in the way we can for the team to produce the best results. ” 

For the opening match of the new season visit to Tottenham Hotspur Hotspur (15 in . C .) Is another challenge tycoon Kodokan need to overcome to achieve that goal.