Dangers from “air conditioners” if they are dirty or not washed for too long.

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Dangers from “air conditioners” if they are dirty or not washed for too long.

In a climate like our country. Especially in cities where there concrete buildings, few trees, and are crowded. Probably cannot stay in the house without air conditioning. Which has become an indispensable electrical appliance. But the air conditioner that blows cool air. We must kept clean. and is always in good condition. Because if the air conditioner is too dirty. It may be the cause of diseases that are dangerous to the body.

Dangers of dirty air conditioners Haven’t cleaned it for too long.

Dr. Danai Theewanda, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Health, stated that there was a lot of humidity inside the air conditioner. and may cause germs to grow, especially Legionella pneumophila bacteria. If you breathe in water droplets that are contaminate with this virus, It will affect health.

Legionella pneumophila infection symptoms

There are 2 types of symptoms if the body is infected with Legionella pneumophila:

  1. Legionnaires’ disease have severe pneumonia symptoms. There will symptoms of high fever, coughing, and chills.
  2. Pontiac fever, Tiyoke or Pontiac Looks like the flu

How to clean the air conditioner thoroughly Safe for the body

There are 2 commonly used air conditioning systems:

  1. Integrated air conditioner system When not in use, the waste water from the cooling tower should be allowed to dry and then cleaned. And use a solution mixed with chlorine with a concentration of 10 ppm into the cooling pipe thoroughly. the entire system for at least 3-6 hours and then maintain the chlorine level to a concentration of not less than 0.2 ppm by cleaning the cooling tower at least 1-2 times per month.
  2. Air conditioner in the room The tray should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks to keep algae from clinging to it. And when you turn on the air conditioner, you should notice whether the air coming out of the air conditioner has a bad or musty smell. If there is a smell, initially you should wash and clean the air filter in the air conditioner with soapy water or a disinfectant solution. If you wash and clean the smell will not go away. You should call a technician to clean the system completely.

Cleaning the air conditioner completely Should wash at least once a year. But if you use it regularly, you should wash it at least every 6 months. Because in addition to reducing germs, it also helps save electricity. Report from ufabet https://ufabet999.com