Ferdinand warns Manchester United fans playing Onana is risky.

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Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand believes Andre Onana is a suitable replacement for David de Gea. But has warned fans about his personal mistakes as well.

De Gea, who has served the club for 12 years has just left Old Trafford.

Despite winning the Premier League Golden Glove last season. But Erik ten Hag has reportedly lost faith in him due to his questionable ability to play with the ball at his feet.

The Dutchman favors a goalkeeper who can create games from the backline. And not confident that De Gea will perform such duties in the future.


Ten Hag believes he has found the right man for the job, Inter Milan’s Onana.

The Cameroonian goalkeeper is a modern goalkeeper. Which should easily fit Ten Hag’s style of play after the two had previously worked together at Ajax UFABET

Onana is known for her calmness in playing in the Gray Cup. And can do everything Ten Hag is looking for. But Ferdinand is worried that the Cameroon goalkeeper’s overconfidence will spur his opponents to press on him. This could lead to mistakes often seen in the Premier League.

“If Onana comes in, I think he’s a great signing have great talent and a true modern goalkeeper.”

“You saw the team putting pressure on him. And he wasn’t even impatient. He gets the ball at himself which brings pressure, saying ‘come on come on’ and when that player comes towards him. He knew there was a vacant friend somewhere else. And he usually finds them.”

“I think it must be a mistake. and playing in a risky way You make mistakes and they happen.”

“But it’s about holding onto your beliefs. Find the right balance and maintained confidence through all those moments.”

“It will be interesting to see how this plays out. But I believe this is the deal that will happen in this market.”