Jurgen Klopp urges Premier League to change five times to benefit the league.

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has complained about the English Premier League’s substitution permission. Which is still limited to three, five times in European competition. With the 54-year-old noting that the matter is not just for his benefit big team. But it has the best effect on the players.

Since the Covid crisis hit the football industry in 2020 until there is a lockdown period. Since then, almost all football sports around the world allow 5 substitutions. Except for the elite city’s top league. Which still uses the old format 3 times because the club UFABET members voted against .  

That makes ‘ JK ‘ puzzled by the narrow worldview of some of the club’s members fearing that. They will be disadvantaged by big teams. But in the FA Cup and Carabao Cup back in the water, five changes were allowed. It showed double standards.

 Jurgen Klopp said

“ So far we play the Carabao Cup final on Sunday. Then on Wednesday ( FA Cup ) the league on Saturday. And going to play on Tuesday ( ChC.P. ) that’s a scary program. ” Klopp said before the Champions League game, round of 16 , second match against Inter Milan ( 8 March ).

“ Maybe I’m starting to feel sad about that. But one of the most important points is the English Premier League , we should have five substitutions . ” 

“ That’s because we have 3 domestic competitions where one event changes 5 times but the other doesn’t . 

” Because even if teams that are not present play all three tournaments , some only have two , but it makes a huge difference. ” 

“ I don’t understand why it took so long to realize its benefits. Because English Premier League clubs need to maintain their own elite players as well. ” 

Any amendment to the rules based on the opinion of the English Premier League members requires at least 14 out of 20 votes to pass a resolution. That means more than half of the clubs view them differently than Klopp.