Manchester United and Madrid are two clubs that Aston Villa urged to pay captain Jack Grealish

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Manchester United and Real Madrid are the other two clubs that Aston Villa have urged to pay captain Jack Grealish’s release clause, however there has been no response from the two clubs. Causing the 25-year-old midfielder to end up at Manchester City in the end.

A report from ‘ The Athletic the UK and ufabet  ‘ behind the buy – sell players for the most expensive historically Britain 100 million pounds to Rieti Etihad Stadium is conveniently than expected.  

It is the ‘ lion rampant ‘ set to tear the Green Lichfield will expire 7 in . C . 2021 , resulting in the camp expressed interest must not be carried out during the summer. Then the only team that made a serious offer was ‘ Blue Sails ‘. 

The negotiations took place directly between the banks . The club City of Calgary Loudoun Al Mubarak, the owner of the villa SAFE Savile Christopher and West Eden House.  

In the corner of the elite Midlands team did not want to send their best to ‘ Blue Sails ‘ to avoid a monopoly on success , ruining the league’s competitiveness. and taking advantage of the Financial Fair Play rules gap .

So they persuaded Manchester United and Real Madrid to join in on this bid. but did not receive a response.

At the same time, the players are more interested in attending the Etihad Stadium than Old Trafford. Because they think that a deal for a move to Manchester United can never come true.  Until everything. Got the conclusion last Thursday.  

Incidentally, the jersey number 10 of Grealish was not informed before. That shocked the players as they entered the dressing room and saw a jersey screening him as  Sergio Aguero ‘