4 causes of premature “white hair”

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4 causes of premature “white hair

Anyone with a lot of white hair is often teas as being “old.” Some people have whiter hair than their peers since childhood. Some people even have hair on their arms. The nose hairs are still white. At the age of less than 30, it means that white hair does not just come from old age. But there are other causes that we may not yet know at ยูฟ่าเบท

“white hair”

  1. congenital
    Anyone who has had since childhood, try observing or asking your parents to see who has had more white hair than others since childhood. Because can pass on genetically. If you want to know how much faster or slower your hair whites than normal people. If you compare it with the normal average of the average person, where 1 in 4 of the entire population will find that 50% of their own hair has already turned white. If you find that you have in the amount of nearly 50% even though you are still not close to 50 years old, it means that you have more white hair than normal people.
  2. Lack of protein and vitamin B12
    If you give melanin that helps nourish your hair to be black and shiny. It is necessary that the body receives enough protein and vitamin B12 each day. Protein and vitamin B12 can found in meat such as poultry, marine animals such as shellfish, fish, liver, and dairy products such as milk, yogurt, and cheese. Therefore, if anyone is vegetarian or vegan, they may be at risk of

    getting it . Not getting enough protein and vitamin B12 and having faster than other people So be sure to opt for cheese, nuts, or spirulina. Including vitamin supplements To make sure you’re getting enough vitamin B12.
  3. cigarette
    If you smoke Cigarettes don’t just damage your lungs. But it also damages other organs in the body, including the process of producing pigment in the hair. Who has smoked since adolescence? There is a higher risk of having than people who have not smoked since the age of 30. Simply put, smoking makes you look old quickly from your skin, appearance, and physical abilities. and hair ever
  1. stress
    Has anyone ever heard the legend of Marie Antoinette, Queen Consort of France and Navarre? The night before. He was execute by the guillotine during the French Revolution. Her entire head of hair turned white overnight. It was because she was stress and frightened that she was about to be executed. Whether this is true or not, we may never know, but a 2013 study from New York University indicated that stress reduces the efficiency of stem cells in the hair follicles. As a result, the hair is not healthy. The production of hair color is not normal, causing the hair to turn white. Or it may result in hair loss easily.

How to prevent white hair Not to greet us prematurely

In addition to reducing stress, refraining from smoking and eating enough protein and vitamin B12. Getting enough sleep and exercise regularly It helps the cells in the body, including the hair, to be strong and healthy as well. In addition, choosing hair care products that are appropriate for the condition of the hair and scalp is also a good help.

However, anyone thinking of coloring their hair overPlease choose good quality products. Because if an allergic reaction occurs, it is a rash. Dry, burning scalp can cause damage to the hair. and scalp more than expected