Alan Shearer has predicted Chelsea will be Premier League champions this season

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Alan Shearer has predicted Chelsea will be crowned Premier League champions this season.

         “Chelsea” solved the problem exactly at the point of buying a striker, Romelu Lukaku, into the team after last year’s use of Timo Werner and did not do well, which Shearer considers The arrival of the Belgian national team striker will give Thomas Tuchel’s team a very good chance of winning the title.

         “The team of Manchester City is excellent movement for Harry Kane but it will happen, I do not think the Premier League is over,” Shearer wrote a column for the BBC.

         “It will be like that for City. Especially when Chelsea brought in Romelu Lukaku, Chelsea had everything but the finisher last season and there were times when they used wasted chances and couldn’t pass the ball into the bottom. the net”

         “Lukaku changed that because we knew he would score goals. He guarantees that is the reason why they are trying to get him and are willing to pay big money for him to come back to Stamford Bridge.”

         “He will be a big signing for the team. Let’s just say he can make the difference between being a champion or not. That’s his priority.”

         “We’re talking about one of the best strikers in the world – Lukaku, that’s cool. At 28 he’s at his peak and I think he’s raised a lot since joining from Manchester. Ter United went to Inter Milan in 2018 because of his experience in Serie A.

        “He’s better in every way right now. Plus the thirst and he has something to prove with Chelsea after leaving as a young man.”

         “Lukaku comes to a club that has everything to win trophies. Although there are some teams that have the same stuff.”