Jamie Carragher believes Timo Werner is still a key player

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Jamie Carragher believes Chelsea striker Timo Werner is still a key player with the potential to pose a threat to rivals.

         Romelu Lukaku’s arrival has raised questions over Werner’s future, which has been heavily criticized for his performance since joining the club. But in Carragher’s point of view. ็e is confident that the potential of the German national team striker is still full and can benefit the team a lot.

         “I’m not going to take the name of Timo Werner because the speed he has is very dangerous and I don’t want to fight anything like that,” Carragher said.

         “That’s also a valuable asset to Chelsea, a player who plays behind a lot of forwards, a lot of the squad have a lot in common.”

         “I’m not saying he’s going to play every week and he’s going to crush opponents. But I still see him as a dangerous player that I don’t want to face. I think he is still an important person for Chelsea.”

         “He still gives Chelsea something they don’t have with speed. Now it’s Lukaku’s job to score 25 goals, Werner needs 10-15 goals and I think he can do it with less pressure.