How to eat grill pork to be safe for your health ?

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How to eat grill pork to be safe for your health ?

  1. Eat grilled grilled pork. As usual, the meat unevenly cut. Some pieces of meat are thick. Some pieces of meat are thin. Just because the outside edges of the meat. Are char may not mean the meat is cook. You should use a spoon to cut out the middle of the meat. To check whether meat cook or not.
  2. There should be separate chopsticks to pick up grilled pieces of meat. Take out the chopsticks and eat. to prevent contamination
  3. You should eat slowly. To observe whether the food is cooked or not But for the most part, grilled pork is usually eaten in the form of a buffet. Make people rush to eat
  4. In the case of making it yourself at home The grill grate should be cleaned by soaking it in water. or soak in detergent Wash and scrub thoroughly. and dry in the sun for at least 4 – 8 hours before reuse.

Still, this doesn’t mean that every pork krato shop is dangerous. 

Don’t eat it all. Just before eating, you should choose a restaurant that has good food quality, is clean and hygienic. The price is not so cheap that it is frightening. And the important thing is that you should eat it in the right amount. Don’t be selfish with money until you make it worthwhile. Don’t eat too often. Choose to eat both meat and vegetables. Eat a variety and exercise regularly as well

Secret formula to reduce sweetness, reduce fat, and reduce saltiness.

Reduce sugar: Drink clean water instead of sugary drinks. And eat fruit instead of sweets.
Reduce fat: Choose to eat fish, chicken, and pork that have a small amount of fat. Reduce fatty meats Avoid processed meats.
Reduce the size: scoop a little of the sauce. Dip in moderation. Avoid slurping the soup and eating slowly. Chew food thoroughly. Chewing slowly sends signals to the midbrain to make you feel full faster, which helps you reduce the amount of food you eat and better control your weight. Report from โปรโมชั่น ufabet